Choosing clothes for Indian wedding

Published: 01st July 2011
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Have you ever attended an Indian wedding? Indian marriage is entirely different from wedding in western countries where bride generally wears white clothes particularly marriage gown. However, in India, there are different options available to brides such as saari, salwar-kameez, lenhga and many more. It means they face lots of difficulty when choosing Indian wedding clothes. In India, white color is considered as the colour of sorrow and generally wore in mourning. The most widely used color in Indian marriage is red.

As India is a large country and different types of people live here in different regions and states, there are more options available to people when it comes to choose Indian wedding clothes. Indian wedding is a complete traditional event with all the Indian customs and rites. People enjoy Indian wedding with full joy and excitement. As it is once in a lifetime event, it is celebrated with amazing gusto and fervor. Indian marriage is a colorful occasion with beautiful decorations, music, dance, sparkling dresses and a solemn ceremony.

Generally people wear shiny and sharp color dresses during wedding. There are different processes involved in an Indian wedding, so people choose different types of dresses for different occasions. For example, dress for tilak ceremony, dress for reception, dress for engagement, etc. Everybody wants to look beautiful so mostly women choose to wear saari during wedding. Saari is a traditional wear and women wear it not only on daily basis but on occasions as well.

Another important wedding dress is gaghra. It is a type of long skirt which comes with a short blouse and sometimes a scarf too. This scarf is popularly known as dupatta which is draped around the chest of the bride. Ghagra is mostly worn in western part of India.
Compared to wedding in western countries, women used to wear too much jewellery and accessories during Indian wedding. This has been very common and sometimes considered a must-have for Indian weddings. Indian wedding clothes are generally made of fabric which tends to reflect light during night. Some of the Indian wedding clothes are made of chiffon, silk, and satin.

Today, there are different types of weddings celebrated in India such as beach wedding, garden wedding, but elders in India prefer traditional wedding. If you are also planning to attend a marriage in next few days, you can choose from a great variety of Indian wedding clothes. Nowadays, people prefer hiring a wedding planner to make their wedding special.

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